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TEC Challenger Series VCT Off Season 2023: Upper Semi-Finals Recap

Mrinal Baranwal   |   Oct 10, 9:27 AM   |   6 min read

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  • The upper bracket semi-final of the tournament have concluded.

  • Orangutan won over Medal Esports in a 2-0 fashion.

  • Aster Army forfeited one map and lost the other to True Rippers.


The fight between the top four teams to become the champions of the TEC Challenger Series VCT OFF// Season 2023 has begun. The upper bracket semi-finals have concluded as the teams proceed forward in the upper bracket finals and the lower bracket finals respectively. The top-seeded teams won their matches and are proceeding to the upper bracket, defeating the lower-seeded teams who will fight in the lower bracket in a do-or-die situation. Here is what went down in the two matches.


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Upper Semi-Finals Matches Rundown



The teams that have made it to the top four are Orangutan, True Rippers, Aster Army, and Medal Esports. Orangutan and True Rippers were the group toppers, followed by Aster Army and Medal Esports respectively. The matches that took place were:

  • Orangutan vs Medal Esports
  • True Rippers vs Aster Army

The first upper bracket semi-finals was between Orangutan and Medal Esports. The map veto was Bind, Haven, and Ascent. Bind seemed to be going pretty close as the first half ended at 7-5 in favor of Orangutan. Then Medal won the pistol round but proceeded to lose the anti-eco, losing four rounds in a row with Orangutan leading 11-6. They made a comeback, equalizing the map score at 11-11, but could not close out on the map, with Orangutan winning 13-11 on their own map pick. Haven also saw the same feat in the first half, Orangutan leading 7-5, but eventually broke Medal down, winning their opponent's map pick at 13-8, proceeding to the upper bracket finals.



The second upper bracket semi-finals was between True Rippers and Aster Army. The map veto for the match was Breeze, Bind and Haven. For some technical issues in Aster Army's side, they had to forfeit the first map, giving an automatic win to True Rippers. Bind, which was Aster Army's pick, was a hard fought match. Aster seemed to be very confident on their mp pick as they led the first half 8-4. But in a turn of events, True Rippers managed to get continuous rounds and led 10-9. After pushing the match to multiple overtimes, True Rippers finally won 19-17, pushing Aster Army to the lower bracket finals.


The next matches, i.e., the upper finals and the lower finals will take place on 10 October 2023, 4:00 PM onwards. The matches will be streamed live on the official YouTube channel of The Esports Club.

  • Orangutan vs True Rippers
  • Aster Army vs Medal Esports


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