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Team XSpark Bids Farewell To BGMI IGL Pukar

Team Gossip  |   Dec 20, 11:09 AM   |   6 min read

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  • Team Xspark bid farewell to their IGL, Pukar, before heading into the 2023 competitive cycle.

  • Before this, Team XSpark also bid farewell to their assaulter Aditya.

  • Tanmay "Scout OP" Singh, the owner of TX said that they will be making changes in the team for the 2024 cycle.

Team XSpark has announced the departure of their IGL and wished him luck for the 2024 competitive cycle. Pukar led the team for a long time, but after the team had an average performance, Tanmay "Scout OP" Singh, the owner of TX, said that they would be making changes in the team for the 2024 season and that they don't wish to disappoint the fans who have been supporting the team for a while now. 


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Team Xspark Releases Pukar From BGMI Roster



Pukar had been leading the Team Xspark BGMI squad since the beginning of the 2023 season and helped the team qualify for the finals of many official and unofficial events, but didn't win any of them. Announcing Pukar's departure on Instagram after failing to live up to the audience's expectations, Team XSpark wrote: 


Stepping into a new chapter with a renewed focus. As we bid farewell to a chapter in our BGMI lineup, we reflect on the journey and embrace change. Our standards are high, and our commitment is unwavering. Thankyou for your efforts - Wishing you the best! Farewell, Pukar.


In a conversation with GosuGamer, Pukar revealed his future plans and said that he will be trying to reset after BMPS 2023 and make a comeback: 


BMPS is quite a different tournament from BGIS, with 96 teams to 16 qualifiers. When I got to know about it, I thought it was pretty simple—only the best 16 will qualify. It’s not really that tough. We played as we usually do, and we got in. 


Before this, Team XSpark also bid farewell to their assaulter Aditya. Talking about that change, Scout said that this was for the best for him and the team. He also added that Aditya was trying very hard to build synergy with the team but it could not happen. After leaving TX, Aditya joined GodLike and went to the team that is now led by his former IGL, Jelly. During this time, Spraygod was also added to the team. Talking about Spraygod and how he helped the teams, Pukar said: 


Synergy normally requires a lot of time. It’s already been three years since SPRAYGOD joined. We’ve had time to adjust, and we have time right now. Let’s see how it goes. 

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