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Team Soul Win Global Esports Fight Night Season 5

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Jul 13, 2:19 PM   |   3 min read

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Hosted by Global Esports, Fight Night is one of the most beloved BGMI  tournaments, where the top teams from all around India participate. With the return of BGMI, Global Esports hosted the fifth season of Fight Night and Team Soul has emerged victorious. 


Global Esports' Fight Night Season 5 was a four-day-long event where 27 teams participated in the League Stage, followed by the top 16 teams qualifying for the Grand Finals. With a consistent run in the Grand Finals, Team Soul won Fight Night with 103 points and two Chicken Dinners.


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Global Esports Fight Night Season 5: Recap and Standings

Fight Night Season 5 started with the league stage on July 6, 2023, where 27 teams were divided into three groups of nine. In the league stage, the teams fought against each other in a round-robin format. After two days of battle, the top 16 teams advanced to the Grand Finals. Team iNSANE, Chemin Esports, and Team Soul were the top three teams in the league stage.


The Grand Finals started on July 9, where the sixteen teams fought against each other across four matches. On the first day, Team Soul had a dominant run with two Chicken Dinners and 66 points. Teams had a chance to relax before entering the server on the final day. 


On the final day, teams like Entity Gaming and Medal Esports had a chance to dethrone Team Soul. The server saw four winners on the last day, where Team Aladin went on to win their second Chicken Dinner. Team Soul and Team Aladin were the only teams to grab two Chicken Dinners, but with their consistent run, Team Soul came out on top.


Team Soul won Fight Night Season 5 with 103 points and 67 finishes. They went on to win Rs. 80,000 prize money from the Rs. 2 Lakh prize pool. 


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