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Team Soul Goblin And Omega Might Miss A Day of BGMS Due to Health Issues

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Aug 16, 1:19 PM   |   5 min read

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While the first league week and super week of BGMI Master Series: Season 2 is behind them, health issues are still plaguing some BGMI players as they go through the second week of BGMS. Previously, Mavi, the IGL of Global Esports, and Scout from Team XSpark were unable to attend a week of the event and according to the latest tweet from Team Soul's manager, Omega and Goblin have fallen sick as well.


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Omega and Goblin From Team Soul Might Miss Second Week of BGMS

As BGMS Week 2 enters the third day of their League Week, big updates from the Team Soul camp have worried their fans. In a recent tweet, S8UL Sid, Team Soul's manager, shared an update regarding the roster. According to the tweet, two players from Team Soul (Omega and Goblin) have fallen ill and will be given the necessary treatment for a quick recovery. 

"Quick update, two of our players, omega and goblin have fallen sick. We will take them to the doctor now and get some meds. If none of them feel better before the games, we might have to play 3 man as we have to ensure they're both fine before tomorrow since we have BGIS…"


If the players don't feel better before the game, the team will have to go ahead with a 3-man lineup in BGMS. The management wants to ensure all the players are fine before their BGMI India Series Round 3 matches start tomorrow. Team Soul intends to continue their Round 2 momentum in the upcoming BGIS matches where they secured 114 points and 60 finishes. 


Apart from Team Soul, the IGL from Enigma Gaming, Owais, had fallen sick, and their coach, Salman, replaced him until Owais fully recovered. In the previous week, Sc0ut from Team XSpark and Mavi from Global Esports could not participate in week one of BGMS but returned to contribute to their team in week two. 

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