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Stalwart Esports Disqualified From BGIS 2023

Stotram Roy Moitra  |   Aug 2, 7:48 AM   |   5 min read

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Krafton has a strict stance against unfair practices and gaining unfair advantages and has decided to eliminate Stalwart Esports from Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2023. According to the official details, Krafton has stated that the violation is listed under sections 2.1.5 and 6.2.4 of the rulebook.


The respective sections in the rulebook pertain to strict actions against team exclusivity. Krafton also announced that they will be assigning a replacement team soon.

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Krafton Disqualifies Stalwart Esports BGMI Roster From BGIS 2023 For Violating Rules

Stalwart was disqualified for breaking the rules concerned with “team exclusivity” and “ringing.” According to the principle of single-team exclusivity, a player can play only for a single team at a time. The rule ensures a player dedicates themself to a sole team which helps avoid potential conflicts of interest. The second rule, under section 6.2.4 states that a player should strictly avoid playing under someone else’s game id/gamer tag. While Krafton has highlighted STE’s breach of conduct related to the above rulebook violations, fans believed some of the players in the team were hacking during the game, too.


Stalwart Esports released a statement on the incident as well:

"We respect and stand by the decision of Krafton for disqualifying this slot which was transferred to team Dynamic esports before the start of this event. Unfortunately, we couldn't rename the slot due to short notice and that's where we got caught up in this."


Later on, Kuhu, one of the players from STE, was cleared of all allegations about the hacking incident. During the third match, eyebrows were raised when Stalwart began dominating the server. Multiple hacking accusations were leveled against the team who had managed to qualify for round 2 with a strong third map. Now that Stalwart is disqualified, fans await the announcement of the new team in the tournament.


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