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Skyesports Masters: The Answer to Profitability for Indian Esports Teams?

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Jul 8, 9:11 AM   |   3 min read

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With BGMI back in India and Skyesports hosting India's first franchised Esports league for CS:GO, brands are taking a keen interest in Indian organizations to help them sustain their teams. Recently, Manoj Kasyap, popularly called Anna, the owner of Velocity Gaming, applauded the model of Skyesports Masters, which is assisting franchised teams in getting sponsorships and making them sustainable.


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Skyesports Masters Is a Big Step For Indian Esports 

Velocity Gaming has been a part of the Indian Esports scene for quite some time. With their recent exit from Valorant, they have decided to focus on their BGMI and CS:GO rosters. On one of his live streams, Anna talked about how difficult it is to sustain an esports team and that he had invested a few crores in his Valorant lineup.

With Skyesports Masters coming, Velocity Gaming announced their participation in the league with their six-man lineup. In his recent tweet, Anna claimed that it's for the first time in 3 years that Velocity Gaming might be able to break even and profit from the sponsorships they are getting from Skyesports Masters. The deal might help him in funding his BGMI roster as well. 

Replying to his tweet, many stakeholders, like Rohit Jagasia, the owner of Revenant Esports, appreciated the model Skyesports Masters has implemented for the upcoming season. 

Here is what Shiva Nandy, the owner of Skyesports, has to say about making esports profitable for organizations:

"It has been a long-standing concern that esports team owners often face financial challenges while players receive salaries, tournament organizers make profits, and publishers benefit from daily active users/monthly active users (DAU/MAU). The question arises: How can organizations/Owners sustain themselves?"

Skyesports Masters will start on July 8, 2023, where eight franchised teams will play against each for the lion's share of the INR 2,00,00,000 prize pool.


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