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Skyesports Championship 5.0 BGMI Finals Day 2 Recap

Team Gossip  |   Nov 4, 5:42 PM   |   6 min read

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  • Blind Esports created a record of getting a chicken dinner hattrick in a tournament and got three chicken dinners on Day 2.

  • Team SouL was still finding their feet in the day and had a decent run in the day.

  • Revenant Esports took the last Erangel of the day with a huge chicken dinner.


Day 2 of the Skyesports Championship 5.0 BGMI finals came to an action-packed end. The top 16 teams playing for a prize pool of Rs 1.25 crores did not face any technical issues like they did on Day 1. Here is a recap of everything that happened on the second day of the Skyesports Championship 5.0 BGMI Finals LAN. Seven matches were played on the day to compensate for the difficulties that were faced on the first day of the event. 


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Skyesports Championship 5.0 BGMI Finals Day 2 Results



With technical difficulties out of the way on Day 2, the players landed in Erangel in the first match of the day and to everyone's surprise, Team SouL was the first team out of the match at number 16 because of Team Blind's aggressive push and in the same game, Gods Reign took a huge chicken dinner with 24 points and set the ball rolling.


Match 2 went to GodLike Esports. The audience saw the lineup perform after a long time and the roar for the team was huge when they got the chicken dinner and Jonathan took the off-angle finish against Celsius Esports. 



Match 3 and 4 both went to Blind Esports who saw the zone definitely on their side in each of the games and Team Soul came second and third respectively. The team was seen struggling in the first two games but gained confidence in these matches. With early fights and results falling in their favour, Team Soul ensured that the audience that had come to see them play was not disappointed. 


Match 5 had a slow start but Blind Esports got their hattrick chicken dinner of the day and the fabs were highly excited for them. Another interesting point in the game was when SouL Goblin took out GodLike Jonathan with a grenade and the whole arena cheered. With some interesting fights in the middle of the matches, Entity Gaming dominated the opposition before they got hit by a third party. 


In match 6, Blind Esports was unstoppable as they were aggressive from the get-go and got two frags at the beginning of the game itself but met their maker and got eliminated by Marcos Gaming. The match also saw some amazing vehicle runs. It was finally Gladiators Esports who took the chicken dinner and added crucial points to their tally. 


The last match of the day went to Revenant Esports. But the fight at Everest Mountain troubled many teams. Team Soul finished GodLike Esports and Goblin looked in form. But Revenant Esports' patience paid off and they ended the day with a huge chicken dinner with 14 finishes. 

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