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Skyesports Announces CS2 GIGABYTE Cafe League 2024 With Rs. 1,25,000 Prize Pool

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Jan 18, 1:15 PM   |   6 min read

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  • Skyesports reveals the GIGABYTE Cafe League 2024 CS2 tournament.

  • GIGABYTE Cafe League 2024 will feature events across Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Kolkata and Delhi with a massive prize pool of Rs. 1,25,000.

  • Skyesports unveiled the 2024 CS2 roadmap in December 2024, featuring a combined $1 million prize pool.


After revealing their 2024 roadmap for CS2 esports, Skyesports announced their partnership with GIGABYTE to host the GIGABYTE Cafe League 2024. GIGABYTE Cafe League 2024 is a grassroots-level tournament by Skyesports, which is part of its 2024 CS2 roadmap. The tournament will be hosted across five cities, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, and Kolkata and feature a massive prize pool of Rs. 1,25,000.


In December 2023, Skyesports announced their 2024 CS2 roadmap, featuring six International CS2 tournaments and a combined prize pool of $1 million. They also talked about supporting CS2 from the grassroots by organising and supporting collegiate and cafe tournaments like GIGABYTE Cafe League 2024. Skyesports is known for hosting the Mogo National Championship 2.0 collegiate tournament at Lovely Professional University, and they look forward to replicating the same in 2024.


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Skyesports Partners With GIGABYTE To Host CS2 GIGABYTE Cafe League 2024 Across Five Cities In India



Skyesports is on an announcement spree as they reveal the GIGABYTE Cafe League 2024, a CS2 cafe tournament for aspiring CS2 players. GIGABYTE Cafe League 2024 move across five Indian cities: Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Nashik and Pune, where all the local CS2 talents can create teams to compete professionally. The competitors in the tournament will get a chance to win the lion's share of the Rs. 1,25,000 prize pool. 


The GIGABYTE Cafe League 2024 is a part of Skyesports' 2024 CS2 roadmap, which includes six international CS2 tournaments, including Skyesports Masters 2024, Skyesports Championship 6.0, Skyesports Global Tour and more. While expressing the excitement of hosting international events, Sashank Bhandaru, Head of Global Business Partnerships at Skyesports, said,


As we move towards a truly global esports calendar for Counter-Strike 2 with tournaments throughout the year, we are looking forward to partnering with our existing anchor brands and working closely with new ones. Our roadmap has been planned to pave a way for long-term associations, bringing stability and investment to the Counter-Strike scene in India and beyond.


Many professional players started their Counter-Strike journey by playing and competing in the cafes, and GIGABYTE Cafe League 2024 will revive the feelings from the past. Shiva Nandy, Founder and CEO of Skyesports, talked about the motivation for hosting international and grassroots level events and said,


Since the release of Counter-Strike 2 earlier this year, the game is getting more popular than ever, presenting us with exciting opportunities to invest in the space. Our 2024 roadmap has been planned with a focus on fostering talent, global expansion, and ensuring sustainability for participating teams. We have five global IPs planned, offering a total prize pool of $1 million, all happening in person. Notably, three of these tournaments will take place in India, showcasing global esports talent and introducing the electrifying world of Counter-Strike esports to a broader audience.

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