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SKRossi Leaves Global Esports, Seeks New Team Ahead of VCT 2024

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Oct 23, 9:20 AM   |   6 min read

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  • SKRossi announces that he will be looking for opportunities outside Global Esports.

  • American teams like G2 Esports and LOUD might have their eyes on SKRossi as they are yet to finalise their fifth player.

  • SKRossi won the Valorant Conquerer Championship and the Skyesports Champions Series.

With Valorant Champions Tour 2023 wrapped up, so is the three-year-long saga between Ganesh 'SKRossi' Gangadhar and Global Esports. In his recent Twitter/X post, SKRossi announced that his former team, Global Esports, has allowed him to explore opportunities for the upcoming VCT 2024 season. Amidst the announcement of the Global Esports Valorant lineup, it was suspected that SKRossi will either be the sixth player for GE or the forthcoming addition to Orangutan Gaming, representing India at APAC Predator League 2024. After his tweet, it's evident that SKRossi's plans deviate from all the rumour, and he is yet to join a team.


SKRossi joined Global Esports' Valorant roster as one of the core players and has competed in several official and third-party tournaments under the organisation's banner. The Indian duelist and his team dominated the domestic circuit before entering the Pacific League. 


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SKRossi Announces Free Agency Ahead of VCT 2024



In his latest tweet, SKRossi announced that he will be looking to join forces with other Valorant teams, confirming that he has not joined the rumoured organisations. While SKRossi has been one of the best Jett players in India, in his post, he mentions that he will be looking forward to joining as a flexi-sentinel player. 


His tweet says, 

"I'm open to competing across all regions. I want to prove myself to become the best player I can be, regardless of where I go next."  


SKRossi looks hungry to prove himself and won't be restricting himself to South Asia. It will be interesting to see which organisation signs the former Jett main. Many franchised teams like G2 Esports and LOUD are yet to finalise their final player and with SKRossi open to play across any region, anything is possible. 


During his tenure with Global Esports, SKRossi and his team ruled the domestic circuit for a long time. One of the most memorable rivalries was their high-stakes game against Velocity Gaming, known as ValClassico. Under the banner of Global Esports, SKRossi won the Valorant Conquerer Championship and the Skyesports Champions Series. 


After integrating the franchise system with the VCT circuit, Global Esports became the only South Asian partnered team. SKRossi and LightningFast were the only Indian players to play in Valorant's international league. To commence the first season of the VCT league, Valorant kicked off VCT 2023 with the LOCK//IN event in Sao Paolo. SKRossi was part of the Valorant showmatch at Sao Paolo and played for Team FRTTT alongside popular names like pANcada and SUYGETSU. Throughout VCT Pacific League 2023, Global Esports struggled to find their form and failed to qualify for the Masters or Champions event. 

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