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Shopify Rebellion Win The Valorant Game Changers Championship 2023

Mrinal Baranwal   |   Dec 4, 10:12 AM   |   6 min read

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  • Shopify Rebellion defeated Team Liquid Brazil to win the title of Game Changers Champions after an exciting five-map match.

  • The $180,000 grand prize was won by Shopify Rebellion in the all-female competition. Team Liquid Brazil was content with its $110,000 second-place finish.

  • Florescent, a newcomer to the international scene, won finals MVP for her 112-kill performance.


The Shopify Rebellion defeated Team Liquid 3-2 to become the 2023 Game Changer champions. Due to Shopify Rebellion's great performance throughout the week, they have had one of the best performances of any Game Changers team in history. With near-perfect performance in all three of their matches, the all-woman superteam advanced straight to the grand final. In the meantime, Team Liquid Brazil has been hot on their heels, crushing the hopes of home victory for teams like G2 and the previously untouchable Team SMG. Mel, the IGL of the team Shopify Rebellion, couldn't join the team on stage due to being diagnosed as COVID-positive. This did not affect the mental of the team, leading to a 3-2 win.


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Shopify Rebellion Vs Team Liquid BO5 Grand Finals Highlights



Enduring a year of major league tournaments with all-women's teams, the Valorant Game Changers Championship took place in São Paulo. The rosters that participated in the event, like before major VCT tournaments, were selected by winning offline competitions and collecting the most circuit points within their respective regions. The top teams from Brazil, NA, LATAM, EMEA, and NA fought for the majority of the $500,000 in a bo3 double-bracket elimination tournament. 


The series began on map 1 with Shopify Rebellion defeating Team Liquid Brazil 14–12 in overtime. TL Brazil appeared to be going out slowly in front of their home audience on Lotus for map 2. Instead, TL Brazil overcame a 10-point deficit to win 10 of the next 11 rounds against SR, taking Lotus 13-11 and even the series at 1-1. Team Liquid Brazil reacted immediately after Shopify Rebellion closed in on Breeze and won map 3 with a commanding score of 13-5, taking the series to match point. TL Brazil chose Sunset for map 4, and they won the game 13–7 after leading 10–2 in the first half. For the last map of the series, Ascent, both teams got off to a fast start, with a 6-6 tie in the first half. The series and the 2023 Gamechangers Championship were ultimately won by Shopify Rebellion, who defeated Team Liquid on Ascent 13–6.


Shopify Rebellion seemed to be in control during their entire run. Throughout their run at the GCC, they dropped three maps in total, and throughout their entire year in Game Changers, they lost five. Flor dropped 112 kills over the five-map set in the finals, breaking the previous record for most kills in a Game Changers series. Throughout the series, she recorded a 281 ACS with 21 first kills and a +41 kill difference.


In the lead-up, the newest team deathmatch mini-map from Valorant called "Drift," was also unveiled. This sunny location, which took inspiration from Thailand, has extensive sightlines, numerous ziplines, and side alleys to give you an advantage over opponents. On December 5, 2023, Valorant's latest deathmatch map, "Drift," will be released.


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