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Sentinels Open To Crowdfunding With Fans Investing In The Organization

Stotram Roy Moitra  |   Jul 14, 6:51 AM   |   5 min read

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With VCT Americas Last Chance Qualifiers ready to kick off, seven teams from the region are gearing themselves up for the final battle on the road to Champions LA. Amidst all the Valorant action, Sentinels, a major stakeholder in the VCT Americas circuit announced their plans for crowdfunding.

Sentinels is a big brand in North American esports and through the years, they have established their name as one of the best Valorant organizations in the country. They are home to renowned players across multiple titles. From Bugha to Tenz, Sentinels are undeniably one of the greatest organizations in North American esports and are looking to expand further with the help of its fans.

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Sentinels Open To Crowdfunding & Fans Can Have Access To Premium Perks

Recently, Sentinels announced that they will be open to crowdfunding on the equity platform, StartEngine. Fans will have access to premium perks and can invest in shares of the company. According to the details shared by the organization, fans will be able to invest in the org, where the latter will be putting 4% of the company up for sale at a valuation of $30.09 Million. Depending on the amount of money they invest, investors will be able to unlock different types of premium features.


Upon spending $500, fans will be able to unlock the bronze perk which will give them access to a limited-edition jersey. The most premium perk, which is also the costliest ($50,000), will include 15% bonus shares along with a trip to Los Angeles, California where the investor will be able to meet some of the pros in person. This premium feature goes by the name, “Master.” With the inclusion of a lower limit, the organization has also made sure that a minimal amount of $300 is being poured into the company. Sentinels have also clarified that all the money that they will gather will help their expansion into new business lines.

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