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Revenant Esports Signs Play Like Incognito

Mrinal Baranwal   |   Sep 29, 11:29 AM   |   6 min read

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  • Revenant Esports signed a new creator, Play Like Incognito to their organization.

  • She has almost 700K subscribers on YouTube and 100K followers on Instagram.

  • This comes after they signed a known name, Antaryami Gaming to their organization.


Revenant is one of the fastest-growing organizations in South Asia, consisting of many successful esports teams and big names in content creation. The organization recently announced the addition of Play Like Incognito, a popular content creator with over 800K subscribers on her official YouTube Channel with over 180 million aggregated views.  


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Play Like Incognito Joins Revenant Esports



Play Like Incognito or Sonali Singh is a multi-talented popular content creator. She not only excels at creating content but also thrives in her day job as a software engineer. Since 2019, she has constantly attracted audiences with a wide variety of content while juggling her job as a professional content creator. Along with her gaming content and live streams, Incognito is well-known for her roasting videos and vlogs, which have helped her build deep relationships with her viewers and gain more than 100,000 Instagram followers.


Play Like Incognito commented on her content creation journey and joining Revenant Esports:

I started content creation as a hobby and the support from my audience has been nothing
short of amazing. It feels great to be joining one of the country’s top esports organizations. With Revenant's support, I'm excited to channel more of my time into content creation and look forward to bringing new and exciting collaborative content with the impressive and growing lineup of Revenant Esports creators.


The CEO and Owner of Revenant Esports, Rohit Jagasia also expressed his joy over Play Like Incognito joining:

Revenant Esports is dedicated to supporting regional talent, and Play Like Incognito's signing is a testament to that commitment. She is one of the most promising content creators and we are thrilled to have her onboard as our first female content creator. Through her, we look forward to engaging with new regional communities and building bridges that connect gaming enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds, building an even more inclusive community.


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