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Revenant Esports Completes VALORANT Roster With SKRossi

Bryan "Dracorexia" Francis  |   Jan 30, 9:25 AM   |   6 min read

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  • Revenant Esports, has signed one of the most decorated VALORANT esports players the country has to offer Ganesh "SkRossi" Gangadhar.

  • SKRossi was retained by Global Esports to compete in the prestigious VCT Pacific League in 2023.

  • SK Rossi will now reunite with his longtime teammate Jayanth "skillZ" Ramesh at Revenant Esports.

Revenant Esports, one of the most decorated esports organizations in India, has signed one of the most experienced VALORANT esports players the country has to offer, Ganesh "SkRossi" Gangadhar. Renowned for his exceptional skills and stellar early career, SKRossi brings a wealth of experience and depth to the team.


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Is SKRossi The Final Piece Of The Puzzle For Revenant Esports To Finally Succeed?

Having previously competed for Global Esports in the VCT Pacific League held in Seoul, South Korea, SKRossi has consistently demonstrated his prowess in VALORANT. The esports sensation began his journey as a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player before transitioning to VALORANT with Global Esports in 2020. His tenure with the team saw remarkable achievements, including first-place finishes at the VALORANT Conquerors Championship 2021, Skyesports Souvenir Mumbai 2022, and the Skyesports Champions Series 2022.

Maintaining his stellar performance, SKRossi was retained by Global Esports to compete in the prestigious VCT Pacific League in 2023 by Riot Games, representing India on the international stage. One of his outstanding performances was against GenG. During that game, he had a KDA of 47/29/6 in two maps. During his time in the league, he was the primary duelist for Global Esports.

SK Rossi will now reunite with his longtime teammate Jayanth "skillZ" Ramesh at Revenant Esports. The revamped Revenant Esports VALORANT lineup features a formidable combination of talent, including Kasif "Paradox" Sayyed, the prodigious Prish "Tricky" Valvani, and international imports Dastan "dos9" Zhumagali from Kazakhstan and Michael "Severine" Winata from Indonesia.


SKRossi stated the following when asked about joining Revenant Esports:

"It's been a challenging journey to reach this point, but my sole focus now is to work harder than ever before and embark on this new challenge with a brand new team. I am super excited to be playing alongside the talented skillZ once again, and the rest of the lineup has been carefully crafted to complement our skills while ensuring we have what it takes to win."


Following the announcement of SKRossi signing for Revanant Esports, SKRossi posted the following on his X account:

I've made many mistakes all these years , I've lost my way multiple times and I've realised I'm my worst enemy stopping from becoming more than what I am.

Back to square one just like 3 years ago , I'm nobody I have done nothing and I have to do so much,  but will be beginning this new journey with many learnings and experiences

New team New Role New challenges it's gonna be tough for a while but the determination and persistence is high as ever to prove to myself that I can be so much better.

I hope you guys will keep showing your love and support like always to me , my team and the organisation as we all are preparing for ONE COMMON GOAL.


The announcement of SK Rossi in Revenant Esports is truly one that many hoped to see. The 6 man roster of Revenant Esports is now complete. Two days ago, Skillz and Tricky were announced to be a part of the Revenant Valorant Esport Lineup. Before their signing, fans got to see the revelation of signing Paradox, complemented by two international imports, Severine and Dos9. 

The Revenant Esports VALORANT team is gearing up for action at the upcoming VALORANT Challengers South Asia, scheduled to kick off on the 1st of February 2024. Revenant Esports with the signing of SK Rossi & Paradox, looks like one of the favorites to win the Valorant Challengers League 2024 South Asia: Split 1 


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