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PMGC 2023 League Group Green Day 1 Points Table

Team Gossip  |   Nov 3, 7:23 AM   |   6 min read

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  • Stalwart Esports ended the day by topping the PMGC 2023 points table with three chicken dinners and 82 points.

  • PUBG Mobile fans saw the return of twin brothers Zuxxy and Luxxy for Singapore's Persija Evos,

  • Each day, six matches are being played across four maps.


Matches for the most awaited PUBG Mobile global event of the year have officially kicked off. PMGC 2023 League Group Day 1 for the Green Group culminated in a stellar performance from the Mongolian team, Stalwart Esports. By the end of the day, the squad had 82 points in the bag. This is the first group out of the 48 participating teams that have qualified for the PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2023. Fans of the game also got to see the return of PUBG Mobile pros, Zuxxy and Luxxy bag their team, Persija Evos, a total of 53 Points. Here is how the day unfolded for the rest of the teams.


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PMGC 2023 League Group Day 1 Green Group Points Table



Day 1 was totally dominated by Stalwart Esports, but the twin prodigies, Zuxxy and Luxxy, turned heads by returning to the world of Esports with Persija Evos. Both brothers were seen climbing the top fraggers' list time and again throughout the day. The young talents also helped their team get two chicken dinners and landed in third place by the end of Day 1.


Stalwarts Esports finished the day with three Chicken Dinners and AlterEgo Ares got one Chicken Dinner to end their day with 48 points. Here is the points table for all of the 16 teams:


  • Stalwart Esports – 82 Points
  • Alpha7 Esports – 56 Points
  • Persija Evos – 53 Points
  • AlterEgo Ares – 48 Points
  • Quest eSports – 48 Points
  • Reject – 42 Points
  • D’Xavier – 42 Points
  • LOOPS – 42 Points
  • Melise Esports – 34 Points
  • Tianba – 26 Points
  • Madbulls – 20 Points
  • Falcons White – 15 Points
  • Gaimin Gladiators – 15 Points
  • BRA Esports – 11 Points
  • Xerxia Esports- 9 Points
  • AGON x I8 Esports – 4 Points



Pakistan's AGON x I8 Esports, who had a lot of problems obtaining a Visa for the event, ended the day with just four points and ended up in 16th place. One of the last teams to get the invite for the Global Championship, Gaimin Gladiators, ended the day with 15 points in 13th place.


The Green Group will be playing till November 5 and the teams are fighting to make it to the top 3, to directly qualify for the finals. The rest of the teams will move to the Survival Stage and then the Last Chance qualifiers to stand another chance. 


The teams will be playing six matches across four potential maps: Vikendi, Sanhok, Miramar, and Erangel. Here is the map order for the Group:

  • Match 1 - Sanhok
  • Match 2 - Erangel
  • Match 3 - Erangel
  • Match 4 - Erangel
  • Match 5 - Miramar
  • Match 6 - Miramar


Matches will be streamed on the PUBG Mobile Esports channels with regional commentary for different nations. Here's the stream link for the English stream.


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