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Orangutan Gaming Defeats True Rippers In TEC Challengers Series Grand Finals

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Oct 12, 5:41 PM   |   6 min read

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  • Orangutan Gaming went against True Rippers in the grand finals of the TEC Challengers Series 2023.

  • After being down 2-0, Orangutan made a comeback against True Rippers to win the TEC Challengers Series 2023.

  • OG won a prize of Rs. 7,00,000, while True Rippers went home with Rs. 5,00,000 out of Rs 15,00,000 prize pool.


As the Valorant OFF//Season has progressed, fans have loved witnessing the rivalry between Orangutan Gaming and True Rippers. After qualifying from the TEC Challengers Series group stages, both teams met in the upper bracket finals where True Rippers decimated Orangutan with a 2-0 scoreline and advanced to the grand finals. Orangutan joined their archenemy in the finals after defeating Medal Esports in the lower bracket finals. 


In the grand finals of The Esports Club Challengers Series, Orangutan Gaming and True Rippers were back at it with the same rivalry, but this time, the stakes were higher. After a gruelling best-of-five matchup, Orangutan Gaming won the tournament with a reverse sweep to claim Rs. 7,00,000 from the prize pool.

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Recap of Valorant OFF//Season Tournament's Grand Finals: TEC Challengers Series

The best-of-five matchup between Orangutan Gaming and True Rippers began on the map of Sunset and True Rippers carried their momentum from the upper bracket finals. With Techno playing Fade, he took 18 frags with seven deaths to help True Rippers win the first map with a 13-5 scoreline. In the second map of Ascent, Orangutan started strong but couldn't close it out and ended up losing the second game with a 13-7 scoreline.


The only opportunity Orangutan had to stay in the finals was Breeze. With a fire lit in them, Orangutan gave no chance to True Rippers and annihilated their opponents with a 13-4 scoreline. While True Rippers had to win only one game to crown themselves the champions, Orangutan Gaming showed incredible resilience to win the fourth match. With 22 frags, Rawfiul led Orangutan to a 13-8 victory on the map of Lotus. 


With only one map remaining, both teams were in a do-or-die situation and needed to win the map of Lotus to win the tournament. To help Orangutan Gaming lift the trophy, the Phillipian duelist, Azys, took charge of the final map. After a close 7-5 half in the favour of Orangutan, True Rippers couldn't figure out the opponent's strategy in the second half. With a 13-6 scoreline, Orangutan Gaming won the final map of Haven to steal the victory from True Rippers. 


Talking about their reverse sweep in the grand finals, here is what Sabyasachi 'Antidote' Bose said:


"We expected to win this match, but this is the beauty of Valorant. You cannot expect the results and focus on that; some things will happen, and you need to adapt and be on point. I am glad my teammates showed a lot of courage and character, which is why the reverse sweep was possible."


After being crowned the champions of the TEC Challengers Series, Orangutan Gaming won a massive share worth Rs. 7,00,000 out of the Rs. 15,00,000 prize pool. True Rippers received a prize of Rs. 5,00,000 and were the tournament runners-up. 

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