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OG Set To Make Changes To Their Dota Roster Ahead Of TI Qualifiers

Stotram Roy Moitra  |   Aug 2, 8:18 AM   |   5 min read

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OG, one of the biggest names in Dota 2, is making significant changes to its Dota roster ahead of The International 2023 qualifiers. Previously, they announced the return of legendary coach and stand-in, Sebastien “Ceb” Debs to their active roster. Today, they announced that their support player, Tommy “Taiga” Lee has been moved to the bench.


OG has also stated that Taiga will be free to look for opportunities in different teams. While OG is resorting to multiple roster changes, it could be worth the wait to see how impactful their changes will be for the upcoming qualifiers.

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OG To Sign New Support Player Ahead Of The International 2023 Qualifiers

The International 12 Qualifiers will be running between the 17th and 31st of August where teams from different regions will compete for one last shot at the concluding event of the year. In the European region, a total of 26 teams will be competing across both the Eastern and Western Europe regions. Taiga has also mentioned that he's been battling depression and anxiety for quite a while now. It will not be surprising to see him take a break from professional play and focus on his mental health. 


Throughout the year, OG was seen struggling with its roster. Their coach Misha was replaced by Coach Chu, a move that didn't ultimately yield significant results. As a matter of fact, OG had to frequently field stand-ins for their roster because of VISA issues and other unforeseen circumstances. Their legendary player, Ceb, could be a great addition to the roster given the fact that he will not only bring his game knowledge to the team but also boost the stability of the team. On paper, all that OG needs to do is find a good support player who is the right fit for the potential contender roster.

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