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Moist Esports and Shopify Rebellion Merge Valorant Rosters

Mrinal Baranwal   |   Sep 21, 8:05 AM   |   6 min read

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  • Moist Esports and Shopify Rebellion have announced the merger of their teams.

  • Now called Moist x Shopify Rebellion or MxS, both orgs have combined their North American Challengers League roster slots into one.

  • Moist Esports and Shopify Rebellion branded the project as a "collaborative and shared VALORANT program."


In a surprising announcement, it was revealed that the Valorant rosters of Moist Esports and Shopify Rebellion are being combined. The new team, which will go by the acronym MxS or Moist x Shopify Rebellion, will field a combined lineup of players from the 2023 rosters of Moist and Shopify. The organizations have merged their North American Challengers League roster slots into one, which could probably free up another spot in the Valorant League for an open qualification team.


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Who Remains in the Moist X Shopify Rebellion Combined Roster?



In an official statement, Moist Esports and Shopify Rebellion branded Moist x Shopify Rebellion (MxS) as a "collaborative and shared Valorant program." The remaining players from each team will make up the roster for this program which will see the "best parts" of both teams' Valorant lineups come together under one umbrella. The statement came roughly an hour after Shopify Rebels declared they had paid a reported $10 million for TSM's LCS spot. During the NA Valorant Challengers 2023 season, both teams fought valiantly but were unable to advance to the Ascension event or a potential VCT Americas spot. 


The organizations have announced their combined roster as follows:

  • Brock ‘brawk’ Somerhalder
  • Xavier ‘flyuh’ Carlson
  • Adam ‘mada’ Pampuch
  • Brady ‘thief’ Dever
  • Victor ‘v1c’ Truong


Earlier, Moist had acquired Team BreakThru to make their entry into the Valorant esports scene. The team competed in the Challengers League and finished 3-2 in the first split before improving to 5-0 in the second. Moist eventually lost to The Guard in the lower bracket final and took third place in the league playoffs despite being one series away from earning a spot in the Americas Ascension tournament. Additionally, Shopify missed the 2023 Americas Ascension competition. The team finished the regular season with a 1-4 record in Split 1, a 3-1 record in Split 2, and a disastrous 7th to 8th place finish in the Challengers League playoffs.




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