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Krafton Addresses Security Lapse At BGIS 2023 Finals

Team Gossip  |   Oct 18, 9:50 AM   |   6 min read

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  • The LAN took place at the Dome in front of a live audience and the attendance of big sports personalities: Neeraj Chopra, Pramod Bhagat, and Rohit Tokas.

  • The Dome had a capacity of 8,000 but could only fit 6,000 due to BGIS 2023 setup.

  • Videos emerged of the fans trying to break the barricade and enter.



After grinding for over two and a half months, the top 16 teams in BGIS 2023 got to play the LAN finals with the presence of a live audience. While, Gladiators Esports won the tournament, many underdog teams won hearts of the audience and fans. However, the last day of the event had major security issues that could have turned into a major concern for the fans and players who attended the event.


The winning team took home Rs 75 lakh and the runners up, Bug Brother Esports took home Rs 35.5 lakh. 


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BGIS 2023 Finals Arena Gets Over Crowded, Concerns Over Safety Raised




The LAN took place at the Dome in front of a live audience and the attendance of big sports personalities: Neeraj Chopra, Pramod Bhagat, and Rohit Tokas. The first two days of the event went smoothly with even the "first come first serve" ticketing system also working smoothly.


However, things became tough to control on Day 3 when the Dome was running over it's 8,000 capacity and resulted in a confrontation between the audience and the security persons there. Many videos emerged only where the audience could be seen arguing with the security guards and even trying to break the barricades. Fortunately, no one was harmed.


While the venue had a capacity of 8,000 people, it could only house 6,000 in case if BGIS due to the elaborate setup. However, this 6,000 capacity also included VIP sections and other places like green rooms for teams.


According to a report by IGN, they asked Krafton to address the whole situation and asked them about the measures they took to control the crowd and a comment on how the fans behaved.


We are grateful to our fans for their enthusiasm and love. We are humbled by the huge turnout of supporters who came to cheer for their favorite teams. We value their feedback, and we take this as a learning opportunity to deliver seamless and enjoyable experiences for our community. We assure you that we are dedicated to ensuring future events do not leave any fans disheartened.


Acknowledging the huge crowds, the Krafton management adviced members of S8UL and GodLike Esports against attending the event as it could be a security concern for the creators, as well. Informing their audience about the same, both organisations put out Instagram stories. However, some creators reached the arena but had to leave early to prevent themselves from getting mobbed.

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