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Valorant Esports Professional Under Investigation by Riot for Racist Remarks

Mrinal Baranwal   |   Jul 25, 5:32 AM   |   3 min read

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Esports professional TenTen from Northeption recently raised eyebrows within the esports community for comments made in public that were deemed racist. The player's conduct was called into action during a game of Valorant Ranked where footage of TenTen making rude, racist remarks during an altercation with Fli1pzjder surfaced. Fl1pzjder competed in the match as the in-game leader of Team RRQ.  Riot did not take the accusations lightly, launching an investigation into the matter immediately, resulting into TenTen getting his contract terminated by his organization, Northeption. 


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Riot Games Issued Official Statement Regarding The Incident



Saibani "fl1pzjder" Rahmad of Rex Regum Qeon has received an official warning letter from Riot Games, and former Northeption player "TenTen" has been suspended for his next four VCT games. These disciplinary actions come after Riot Games conducted an intensive inquiry into discriminatory slurs made by the two involved players during an APAC-ranked match.


TenTen and fl1pzjder, the in-game leader of RRQ, got into a furious dispute during a Valorant Ranked game, which is when the event took place. TenTen became more agitated in the discussion and, under the impression that fl1pzjder was of Indian origin, said several racially inappropriate things. This incident, which was shown live on stream, shocked the Valorant community and brought attention to the serious problem of racism in online gaming.



Northeption issued a public apology after the incident, stating that they have acknowledged their player's remarks and that is not acceptable to them, hereby they have decided to terminate their player's contract with immediate effect. TenTen also issued a public apology for hurting the sentiments of people and being racist. 


On the other hand, fl1pzjder also issued a public apology after the incident for racial comments towards Japanese people. RRQ also issued an apology on behalf of their player to conclude the incident.


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