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Indian Valorant Community Celebrate 1 Year Anniversary Of Harbor By Beach Clean-Up

Mrinal Baranwal   |   Oct 28, 6:50 AM   |   6 min read

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  • On October 26, the Indian Valorant playing community organized a beach clean-up event at Mahim Beach.

  • This event was organized to mark a year since the first Indian agent, Harbor, was introduced.

  • Mahim Beach saw a beach clean-up event attended by players and well-known personalities from the Indian Valorant scene.


By cleaning up Mahim Beach, the Indian Valorant community, under the direction of Global Esports, achieved a significant in-game milestone and showed their dedication to environmental responsibility. Although relationships and friendships have been known to be created in the online world of Valorant, the Indian Valorant community moved their brotherhood from the screen to the golden dunes of Mahim Beach on 26 October 2023.


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Valorant Community Clean Mahim Beach Together



A year has passed since the debut of Harbor, the first Indian agent in the game, which was a significant turning point for the Indian Valorant community in October. Not only was this addition to the popular game's characters an acknowledgment of the quickly expanding Indian esports community, but it also represented India's growing power in the world of video games. In celebration of this milestone, Mahim Beach saw a beach clean-up event attended by players and well-known personalities from the Indian Valorant scene. A reputable company in South Asia's gaming industry, Global Esports, was in the lead. Among those in attendance were Dr. Rushindra Sinha and Mohit Israney, the creators of Global Esports. Notable video game creators including Binks, Pinkcess, Jimmy Gaming, Harsh Khelraay, and others joined them. Several other groups and creators participated in the event, demonstrating the togetherness and sense of duty that the gaming community holds.


SkRossi in action.JPG
SKRossi in action at the Mahim Beach


The event highlighted a key message—the gaming community's dedication to environmental responsibility—while at the same time celebrating the nation's representation in the game. The beach clean-up served as more than simply a token gesture—it served as a clear signal to both gamers and non-gamers alike of the value of protecting our natural environment.
Everyone who took part in the day's activities, regardless of their position in the game or real-life standing, knelt to remove waste and debris from the beach. The effort demonstrated that the gaming community, which is sometimes hidden in its virtual environments, has a strong connection to the real world and is prepared to step up for significant causes.


Initiatives like this serve as a reminder that gaming communities are about more than simply competitions and leaderboards, as Global Esports continues in the Valorant Champions Tour and gets ready for the 2024 season. They prioritize working together, accountability, and changing the world in a real way. The uncontested leader in South Asia's gaming industry, Global Esports was founded by Dr. Rushindra Sinha and Mohit Israney. It features the region's best players, Ganesh "SkRossi" Gangadhar and Abhirup "LightningFast" Choudhary, adding to their domination in the competitive VALORANT field. Global Esports has proven its competitive brilliance in many esports competitions that go beyond VALO RANT. They have won awards in a variety of difficult video games, showcasing their adaptability and extraordinary talent.


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