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Global Esports Set To Kick Off Valorant LCQ Journey Against RRQ

Stotram Roy Moitra  |   Jul 19, 7:16 AM   |   5 min read

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Global Esports, India’s last hope in professional Valorant, will be kicking off their Last Chance Qualifier journey today against Indonesia’s superpower Rex Regum Qeon. Moving into the tournament, the team feels positive about their preparations and believe they can make their LCQ run a success and bring the trophy home.


Jordan “Ayrin” He, hailing from North America, brings a lot to the table for the team. To make things spicier, Global has the brains of European Valorant. They have their European coaches, Bigtime and Spin who have previously forged great IGL minds in European Valorant.

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Global Esports vs. RRQ: VCT Pacific LCQ Match Overview

As previously mentioned, Global Esports is the last hope of Indian fans in the 2023 circuit of professional Valorant. The main lineup fields India’s superstar duelist, Ganesh “SkRossi” Gangadhar. The roster also has Abhirup “LightningFast” Paul Chowdhury as the 6th player. According to Ayrin, Global will start its journey with the main roster this time. Considering they had a good amount of time to fix their mistakes, Global might make a magical run possible. Ayrin also discussed how they are trying to bring a more evolved and unique style of gameplay into the team.


While it is true that Global Esports looks like a strong contender for the Pacific LCQ, RRQ defeated them with a clean 2-0 in Pacific League. Last time, Global was caught off guard by Lmemore’s sheriff and the aggressive game plan the team brought. However, Rex Regum Qeon’s In Game Leader, fl1pzder, and xffero played a crucial role in the team’s success in Pacific League. RRQ has a mastermind behind their strats in Coach Ewok who sets up perfect ideas and concepts for their refined mechanics. It will be interesting to see who will stand strong and hold their ground. Regardless of the results, the series will be a treat for fans.

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