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Global Esports Eliminated From VCT Pacific LCQ After Losing To RRQ

Mrinal Baranwal   |   Jul 20, 11:25 AM   |   3 min read

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With a convincing 2-0 victory over Global Esports to open their campaign in the Pacific Last Chance Qualifier, Rex Regum Qeon have extended their 2023 season. The Indonesian-Philippine team will now face ZETA DIVISION in the double-elimination round of the bracket. 


This sent Global Esports hopes for playing at Champions right out the window. RRQ entered the series after narrowly missing the VCT Pacific playoffs despite making significant progress throughout the regular season. While WRONSKI recently announced his retirement, Global Esports saw a number of roster changes before the LCQ with assistant coach Spin filling in for head coach Eraser.


The maps for the series were Split, Ascent, and Haven, but Haven wasn't required as the game was settled 2-0. Despite the 2-0 scoreline the series was far from a blowout with both teams reaching double digits by the end of each map.

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VCT Pacific LCQ: Global Esports vs. RRQ Recap


The players for RRQ came out the gates swinging on GE's choice of Split. After winning the pistol and anti-eco round, RRQ managed to win the bonus round too thanks to xffero's 1v3 with a shotgun. While controllers xffero and Lmemore frequently scored multiple kills to put their team ahead, duelists EJAY and Emman shone in the second half. Even fl1pzjder picked up two clutches to help his team secure a 13-10 map victory. 


EJAY worked his magic on Jett on the second map of Ascent which played out similarly to the first one. EJAY demonstrated his prowess as one of the best duelists in the region with 27 kills. RRQ was playing at its peak against GE with each player having significant impact throughout the series. After a 6-6 half, things looked better for GE as they won the pistol and anti-eco round. But eventually, RRQ was able to turn the tables in their favor as they took their map pick win at 13-10 once again.


On Thursday, July 20, the double-elimination round of the competition will begin when RRQ advances and faces ZETA DIVISON. The 2023 season of Global Esports has ended after their disqualification from the Pacific LCQ.


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