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Global Esports Announce The Arrival Of Benkai For VCT 2024

Stotram Roy Moitra  |   Sep 16, 10:35 AM   |   6 min read

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  • Global Esports have announced the addition of former Paper Rex player, Benkai to their Valorant roster.

  • Benkai will be the IGL of Global's Valorant roster for 2024 season.

  • This move marks the end of 3 year relationship between Paper Rex and Benkai.


Global Esports has announced the arrival of Benedict "Benkai" Tan to the Valorant roster. This move also marks the transfer of Monyet to Paper Rex for the 2024 VCT Season. Benkai is also the first official player to be announced for the 2024 season, from Global Esports.


During his time with Paper Rex, the 26-year-old IGL lifted the team to great heights. One of the biggest achievements of Paper Rex was making it to the Masters Copenhagen Grand Finals with Benkai leading the team. With his move to GE, Benkai will likely be leading the pack once again.


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Global Esports Announce Benkai For The 2024 VCT Season



Previously, the community hinted at Global signing a player, whose name starts with "B". It was also reported that Blazek1ng will be replacing Monyet on the roster. There was much confusion surrounding the air as to whether it would be Benkai or Blazek1ng. With the announcement of Benkai making his move for the Indian organization, the community is looking forward to seeing the "cosplay king" once again in the VCT circuit. This roster move also marks the end of a 3-year old relationship between Paper Rex and Tan. During his tenure with PRX, Benkai played more than 130 official series with the roster and was awarded the top APAC personality of 2022.



Global Esports CEO already hinted at Indian players in the roster. Other rumours claim the Indian representatives will be signing a North American import once again in the roster. While it is unclear right now as to who the import might be, fans are definitely excited for the new roster debut. During his live stream, GE's CEO, Mr Rushindra Sinha said that there will be two announcements for the day related to their Valorant roster. Now the community is eagerly waiting for the second announcement from the organization. 

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