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Global Esports Announce Blazek1ng For VCT 2024 Season

Stotram Roy Moitra  |   Sep 26, 9:09 PM   |   6 min read

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  • Global Esports has announced the addition of Blazek1ng for the 2024 VCT Season.

  • The former Boom Esports player will be replacing Monyet's controller role in the team.

  • Global Esports will be competing alongside the likes of other 10 teams in VCT Pacific league.


Global Esports has announced the addition of Gary "Blazek1ng" Dastin to their 2024 VCT roster. Hailing from Indonesia, the player will be taking on the controller role in the team. He will be playing alongside LightningFast, Russ, and Benkai. 


With the latest announcement, Global Esports has confirmed 4 out of the minimum 5 players from their 2024 roster. According to reports, the last player will most likely be an import player in the duelist role. Global Esports is one of the eleven Valorant teams that will be competing in the upcoming VCT Pacific League 2024 season. 


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Global Esports Add Blazek1ng For Upcoming VCT Season


Global Esports has announced that Blazek1ng has joined the team for the upcoming VCT Season in the Pacific League. He will be replacing Monyet's role as a controller in the team while the former has made his move to what is arguably the best SEA team, Paper Rex. 


Blazek1ng was an integral part of Boom Esports since he joined the organization back in 2020. He played a crucial role in securing the team their victory in the Challengers Indonesia split which took them to VCT Ascension 2023. His move marks the end of an era for Boom Esports as the 27-year-old paves his way to the franchise league. 


Global Esports is the sole Indian representative at VCT Pacific League. The organization rose to fame with its Indian Valorant roster as the team dominated the South Asian region in the early competitive cycle of the game. The organization embarked on its big league journey at the beginning of this year when Riot announced the thirty teams partaking in their newest franchise model. 


Global Esports signed a 7-man roster for the 2023 season, featuring players like SkRossi and Ayrin. The team didn't manage to make a significant impact in the League as they lost some of their most crucial matches which squandered their qualifying chances for International tournaments like Masters Tokyo and Champions Los Angeles. 

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