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Esportz.in Announces the First Free Fire Max Lan In 2024.

Bryan "Dracorexia" Francis  |   Jan 16, 7:51 AM   |   6 min read

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  • Esports Premier Series: India's first esports LAN event of the year, featuring EA FC, CS2, Pokemon Unite, and Free Fire Max.

  • 12 teams competing: TSG Army, Head Hunters, The World Of Battle, 4 Errors, Team Hind, Orangutan Elite, Aura Esports, Team Chokers, Black Flag Army, 4 Unknown, Rusher Esports, Team RTP Esports.

  • Orangutan Elite: 2023 champions and current favorites to win again.


Free Fire Max fans, get ready to dive into a match that will leave fans around the nation breathless. The first-ever Free Fire Max LAN tournament will be held in January 2024, and Esportz has announced the full list of teams that will participate in the tournament.


The Esportz Premier Series will be the first Esports Lan event of the year in India. Matches of games such as EA FC, CS2, and Pokemon Unite have already been announced to be taking place. The main event in the eyes of many is the Free Fire Max tournament. Within this article, let's take a look at the announced details about the upcoming event and who are the teams to watch out for.


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Which Teams Are Taking Part in The Esports Premier Series Free Fire Max Lan Event?


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Free Fire MAX is a mobile battle royale mobile game that is an upgraded version of Free Fire. The game was launched in September 2021. Since then the original Free Fire has been banned in India. This came about when the Indian government banned over 50 apps from Chinese on the Google Play Store in India. Unlike the original game, Free Fire Max is developed and owned by a Singaporean company called Garena. There are no direct links between Garena and the Chinese company that developed the game. The servers used in Free Fire Max are different from those of the original game, which may address some concerns about data transfer. Due to this Free Fire Max has been available since its launch in India.


As such it is quite interesting to see that not a lot of tournament organizers took advantage of the availability of Free Fire Max. There have been no tournaments that have taken place nor any form of official events by Garena themselves. Esports Premier Series could be the first of many, being the catalyst to initiate the building of trust between Esports Organizations and the teams.


There will be 12 teams that will be taking part in the upcoming Lan event on the 19th and 20th of January. Below are the names of all the teams that will be taking part in this event:

  • TSG Army
  • Head Hunters
  • The World Of Battle
  • 4 Errors
  • Team Hind
  • Orangutan Elite
  • Aura Esports
  • Team Chokers
  • Black Flag Army
  • 4 Unknown
  • Rusher Esports
  • Team RTP Esports


Esportz Premier Series Grand Finale LAN Crowd cheering their favourite esports players and teams.png

In 2023 the Free Fire Lan took place in Mumbai on January 3rd and 4th. During that event, the winners were Orangutan Elite with a total of 188 points. They had won the prize pool of 5 lakh rupees with Extreme Troner Esports coming second. Currently Orangutan Elite are the favorites to win the tournament back to back. Only time will tell if Orangutan can make sure to sit on their throne again or there will be another team who will dethrone them at the Esports Premier Series Free Fire Max Lan Event

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