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Entity Signs New Dota 2 Offlaner From The Philippines

Stotram Roy Moitra  |   Jul 12, 12:50 PM   |   3 min read

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Entity recently announced the addition of new offlane player, Kim "Gabbi" Santos to their Dota 2 roster. Hailing from the Philippines, Gabbi has a broad understanding of the game, which combined with his experience, makes for one of the finest talents currently available in the Dota market.


Previously, he has played for teams like TNC Predator, Fnatic, and T1. He is particularly well-known for his time in TNC, where he led the team to many international wins and achievements. Entity has now decided to replace their offlaner Tobias "Tobi" Buchner, with the former Fnatic pro. However, the most unexpected part of the announcement is the fact that Gabbi will be transitioning from Pos1 to Pos3 in the game.


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Entity Announces The Arrival Of New Dota 2 Offlaner


Entity has made a strategic decision to sign the Filipino giant. As mentioned above, Gabbi played safe lane before his move to Entity, so it will be interesting to see how things turn out for the team. 


Gabbi join the likes of South-East Asian players like Armel and Fbz who partnered with European organizations like Team Secret to make a name for themselves in the community. Owing to the fact that Gabbi has established his reputation as one of the best in the South East Asian community, Entity’s move to explore SEA talent is perhaps a unique one. 


Entity currently stands sixth with 2776 points in the 'West Europe' region, behind Quest Esports and OG. In order to qualify for the upcoming Riyadh Masters and to keep their The International 12 dream alive, they have to stand their ground against the likes of teams like OG and Team Secret. Meanwhile, fans are excited to witness Gabbi’s stint in Europe as a new chapter in his professional career unfolds.

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