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DOTA Esports: Somnus Will Once Again Be Playing The International Alongside His Old Teammates

Stotram Roy Moitra  |   Aug 22, 5:39 AM   |   5 min read

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The old PSG.LGD lineup will be joining forces with the current PSG.LGD roster to represent China at the upcoming The International 12. After seeing SumaiL getting knocked out of TI contention at such an early phase, fans were left disheartened. However, seeing the old PSG.LGD lineup back at The International might have watered the dried souls of Dota fans, a little. After his brief retirement, Lu “Somnus” Yao returned to the game and gathered his old squad under the banner of Azure Ray.


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DOTA: The International 12 To See Somnus and Friends Play Again



Somnus took a brief hiatus from the game during which he focused on himself and his personal life. However, his love and passion for the game compelled him to return to the game and compete at the highest level of professional DOTA. In spite of starting the season late, Azure Ray began the qualifiers with the second seed which facilitated their Upper Bracket run. Although the tournament run was rocky at times, Azure made one of the best comebacks possible, to win it all.



PSG.LGD dominated the Chinese professional Dota scene, featuring Somnus, fy, and Chalice. A part of their victory is owed to coach Zhang “LaNm” Zhicheng who had an immediate impact on the team and made sure they did not falter through the tournament. Azure Ray’s main rivals throughout the tournament have been Xtreme Gaming. Despite defeating Azure in their first matchup, Xtreme lost two games back-to-back which pushed them to the lower brackets of the tournament. In the lower brackets, they took on Team Zero who almost edged out a victory against Xtreme. Later, Xtreme made their way to the Grand Finals where they could not stand out and as a result, lost their ground to Somnus’ team. It will be worth the watch to see Azure and Somnus with his squad go up against some of the newest and freshest talents in Dota as The International draws near. 

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