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Day 1 And 2 Recap Of Blast The Draft CS2 Tournament

Bryan "Dracorexia" Francis  |   Feb 10, 10:19 AM   |   6 min read

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  • Gods Reign (India) stuns Wah Wah (Pakistan) with 2-1 reverse sweep.

  • Teams God's Reign and Come Mid have been eliminated.

  • India leads 2-1 in teams remaining, but Pakistan shows strong potential.

The hype for the ongoing Blast The Draft CS2 event has been rising incredibly. Teams from India and Pakistan took on one another in this invitational tournament that has been unfolding in Kuala Lumpur since the 8th of February. Consisting of 6 teams, 3 from the country of India and 3 from the country of Pakistan, the Draft also features one legendary CS pro on each team from Friberg and Shox to Olofmeister and KennyS. In this article, let’s look at how things unfolded on Days 1 & 2.


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Day 1 And 2 Recap Of Blast The Draft CS2

Day 1 of Blast The Draft began with the match between Gods Reign and Wah Wah. Gods Reign was the team from India and Wah Wah was the team from Pakistan. The game ended in a 2-1 scoreline. Gods Reign won in an incredible reverse sweep winning Mirage and Ancient with a scoreline of 13-4 on both maps.

The second match was between Pak Boyz & Marcos Gaming. Marcos Gaming was the favorite to win this game and they did it with ease. They won the series 2-0 with scores of 13-10 in Mirage and 13-9 on Overpass. The final match of the day was the Upper Bracket Semifinal between the two Indian teams of True Rippers & Gods Reign. This game ended with a score of 2-0 in a very close affair. The games ended with a 13-9 score on Overpass and a 16-13 Overtime score on Inferno. GuardiaN ended the match with a total of 45 kills while kennyS got 21 kills with the AWP.


Day 2 began with the second Upper Bracket Semifinal between Come Mid and Marcos Gaming. Marcos Gaming knew that they were the favorites going into the game and proved why they were the favorites. They won the series 2-0 with the map of Anubis & Inferno ending with a scoreline of 13-6. Shox ended both maps with a kill-to-death ratio of 41 to 21.

Following this one-sided affair, the next game was the Lower Bracket Quarterfinals. This match was between Come Mid and Wah Wah. This was the first match in the tournament between two teams from Pakistan. The series ended in Wah Wah's favor, closing out the map of Ancient with a 13-8 scoreline and an even more dominant Mirage at 13-5.


The last game of Day 2 was between Gods Reign and Pak Boyz in the Lower Bracket Quarterfinals. This match was the most entertaining of all the games at the event. The match began with Gods Reign securing map 1 with a score of 13-5 on Mirage. Pak Boyz fought back and took map 2 to overtime, eventually winning the map of Ancient with a score of 16-14. Map 3 was played on Anubis.


God's Reign simply couldn’t handle the stakes and allowed Pak Boyz to complete an incredible reverse sweep. Clouda ended the match with 61 kills which was the highest in the series. GuardiaN ended the game with the highest first bloods which amounted to a total of 16.


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