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BMPS 2023 Day 2 Points Table And Recap

Team Gossip  |   Nov 24, 7:34 AM   |   6 min read

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  • Team Together Esports climbed up to the top of the points table with 63 points after the end of Day 2.

  • Team SouL maintained consistency and remained on the second spot after Day 2.

  • Blind Esports, who had a sub-par Day 1, registered a great comeback on Day 2.


After Day 2 of BMPS 2023, Team Together Esports is at the top of the points table with 63 points. Team SouL, who is one the fan favourite teams maintained their second place on the points table after the second day, and had 58 points. They almost got a chicken dinner in the first match but Blind Manya stole the match from under their nose. 


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BMPS 2023 League Stage Day 2 Points Table



With huge ups and downs in the points table on Day 2, Hydra Esports slipped to the fourth place and underdogs, Team Together Esports claimed the first place. Team Soul, who started the day on a strong note finished second on the leaderboard. Here is the points table from Day 2: 


RankTeam NameTotal PointsRankTeam NameTotal Points
1Team Together Esports6325WSG Gaming22
2Team Soul5826HG21
3Big Brother Esports5827Autobotz20
4Hydra Esports5028THW20
5Gladiators Esports4929DOD19
7ORB Esports4531WIND18
8BLIND Esports4332SE4L17
15Gujarat Tigers3139GR810
18TMZ2842Lucknow Giants7
22GODS Reign2346T7S4
24Medal Esports2248RC2


Blind Esports got the first map after defeating Soul and the second match went in the favour of Team FS Esports who put up 22 points on the leaderboard. But it was Team Together Esports who stole the show with 17 points. 


The next match of the day also went to Blind Esports and Manya, their IGL rose to the occasion and stepped up his game for the team. The last two matches went to Big Brother Esports and Gladiators Esports, respectively. The teams posted 30 and 26 points, respectively and climbed up the points table. With just a few days left for Group Blue's games, the teams are all looking to put their best foot forward, to ensure they get a place in the finals. 

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