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Blind Esports Bid Farewell To Their BGMI Lineup

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Dec 25, 9:06 AM   |   6 min read

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  • Blind Esports part ways with their BGMI lineup.

  • Blind Esports' BGMI lineup was the winner of Skyesports Championship 5.0 BGMI LAN and BMPS 2023.

  • With the team's departure from Blind Esports, it is uncertain whether the players will stick together.


As the 2023 BGMI season has ended, organisations are looking for the best players and teams to pick for the upcoming cycle. Amid the rostermania, Blind Esports has parted ways with their highly decorated BGMI lineup comprising Spower, Rony, Nakul, Manya and Joker, alongside their analyst, Ayogi. Despite having a successful season, no one expected Blind Esports to release the BMPS defending champions alongside the tournament's MVP, Spower. 


With that farewell, many rumours surface on the internet about the five joining the new organisation. It will be interesting to see whether the players stick together to play upcoming tournaments under a new banner or split to grab any individual opportunities they receive. 


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Blind Esports' BGMI Players To Look For A New Home For The Upcoming BGMI Season



Blind Esports was one of the most consistent BGMI teams in 2023. The lineup secured two championship titles, alongside top-five finishes on several others. The BGMI lineup's domination began in 2022 when they were still considered the underdogs in the BGMI esports scene. Coach Mayavi scouted the young talents to form a lineup to play under the renowned organisation Global Esports. The lineup shocked the entire community with their gameplay, and they were the winner of BGMS Season 1 by Nodwin Gaming and Star Sports India.



Despite showcasing their exceptional skillset, the BGMI critics surrounded the players with hacking allegations, resulting in the team's departure from Global Esports. After leaving Global Esports, Blind Esports welcomed the team to play under their banner and created a solid lineup with the addition of Ayogi as their analyst. To make themselves stronger, Blind 


As the game returned in May 2023, Blind Esports continued dominating their opponents on the server. In recent events like Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2023 and India-Korea Invitational, Blind Esports secured fourth place. Despite finishing strong in official tournaments, Blind fans were looking forward to lifting the trophy. 


Blind Esports ensured to eliminate their LAN trophy drought when they landed in Bengaluru for the Skyesports Championship 5.0 BGMI LAN. The team decimated everyone on the LAN to crown themselves as the champions and lift the glorious trophy. Followed by Championship 5.0, Blind Esports secured a podium finish at the Upthrust Esports Diwali Battle 2023. 


Before ending the 2023 season, Blind Esports wanted to add an official trophy to their cabinet. While Blind Esports looked strong to win the BMPS 2023, the winners of BGIS 2023, Gladiator Esports, gave them tough competition. With Spower's MVP performance and the team's three Chicken Dinners, Blind Esports finished in the top spot with 249 points to win the second season of BMPS. Spower secured the MVP title for his 69 kills in the grand finals. BMPS 2023 proved to be the last tournament for the lineup as Blind Esports, and the team will look for a new home to compete in the 2024 season.

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