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BGIS: The Grind Round 2 Week 2: Day 1 Recap, Hyderabad Hydras Qualifies, Aslaaa Esports Takes Three Chicken Dinners

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Aug 11, 8:51 AM   |   6 min read

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The first day of Round 2 Week 2 of BGMI India Series: The Grind has concluded and the top eight Group 5 that will make their way to Round Three of BGIS: The Grind have been decided. Teams like Hyderabad Hydras and Global Esports Pheonix will join their groupmates in the tournament's third round while fan-favorites Enigma Gaming and Team XSpark failed to qualify. 


The underdogs dominated the first day of the week where Aslaa Esports played consistently and grabbed 54 placements points to come out on top of the leaderboard.


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BGIS: The Grind 2023 Qualified Teams from Day 1 of Round 2 Week 2

Out of 16 teams from Group 5, the top eight teams who have qualified for the third round of BGMI India Series: The Grind are:

  • Aslaaa Esports (82 points)
  • Hyderabad Hydras (76 points)
  • XNOR Esports (72 points)
  • Revenge Esports (55 points)
  • Global Esports Pheonix (48 points)
  • Team Mayhem (47 points)
  • War Mania Esports (40 points)
  • X7 Officials (40 points)


BGIS: The Grind 2023 Recap of Day 1 of Round Two - Week Two

A total of six matches were played on the first day, starting from the classic map of Erangel. All four Revenge Esports players were hungry to decimate their opponents from the start. Revenge Esports went on to grab the first Chicken Dinner of the day with 13 finish points in their name.


Miramar was the second map of the day where XNOR Esports hunted their opponents down to secure a 15-elimination Chicken Dinner. XNOR Esports continued their rampage in the third match on the map of Sanhok, infamous for its heal battles. The team finished second in Sanhok with 11 kills, while Aslaaa Esports won their first Chicken Dinner with five finishes.


With the first half of the day behind them, the teams went on to snowboard in Vikendi. Aslaaa Esports won their second Chicken Dinner here while Global Esports Pheonix came second. With two matches remaining, all the teams needed to give their best to qualify for the next round.


Hyderabad Hydras went on to annihilate everyone in the lobby with a 21-kill Chicken Dinner, giving them a significant boost on the leaderboard. In the final map of Erangel, Aslaaa Esports made no mistakes and enjoyed their third Chicken Dinner of the day, helping them secure the top spot on the leaderboard. 


Star-studded lineups like Enigma Gaming and Team XSpark failed to qualify for the next round and will have to play the in-game qualifiers to book their tickets to BGIS: Main Event. All the BGIS: The Grind matches will be live on Krafton India Esports' official YouTube channel

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