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Aditya Part Ways With GodLike Esports; Joins Team 8Bit

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Mar 23, 10:56 AM   |   6 min read

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  • Aditya "Aditya" Mathe joins Team 8Bit after parting ways with GodLike Esports.

  • After a series of poor team performances, GodLike Esports decided to bring Mac on the team, which resulted in benching Aditya.

  • The current Team 8Bit roster comprises of Madman, Juicy, Aditya, and Mighty.

After playing for a long time with Team XSpark, Aditya "Aditya" Mathe has decided to join his old BGMI teammate Jelly to GodLike Esports. GodLike Esports went through a lot of changes, leading to Aditya joining them. It seems that GodLike Esports wasn’t able to fit Aditya in the playing four and decided to bench him for ex-Orange Rock Esports player Mac, leading to Aditya’s decision to part ways with GodLike. Aditya has now joined Team 8Bit and will be part of the team’s core lineup.


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BGMI Players Aditya Leaves GodLike Esports And Joins Team 8Bit



Aditya shared a long history with Team XSpark and OR Esports. During the initial days of Team XSpark, Aditya was one of the core members. After things didn’t go as planned, Aditya joined Orange Rock Esports and played under the banner for a very long time. In 2023, after BGMI was unbanned, Aditya decided to go back to his roots and play with boys at Team XSpark. While the team had a lot of potential, they couldn’t prove themselves at the big stages. During his time at Team XSpark, they came third at the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2023 and the Revenant Invitational Showdown. 


After the Skyesports Championship 5.0 BGMI Lan, Aditya parted ways with Team XSpark and joined GodLike Esports to play with his old teammate Jelly. Despite a fresh start with Jelly and Aditya, GodLike Esports couldn’t live up to their names. GodLike Esports even got disqualified from the Skyesports Champions Series 2024 due to ringing. After a series of bad performances, GodLike Esports decided to bring Mac on the team, which resulted in benching Aditya.


With Aditya being 5th player, he decided to part ways with GodLike Esports and joined Team 8Bit. Team 8Bit has been looking for a 4th player to complete their lineup. Recently, they tried out Blaxx, an ex-Team Mayavi player, who was accused of using hacks. Due to the backlash from the fans, Team 8Bit decided to let go of Blaxx. Aditya will end Team 8Bit’s search for a new player. The Team 8Bit’s BGMI roster comprises of:

  • Madman
  • Juicy
  • Mighty
  • Aditya

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