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7Sea Esports Part Ways With Indian Counter Strike Roster

Stotram Roy Moitra  |   Sep 4, 2:02 PM   |   6 min read

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  • 7Sea Esports has parted ways with their Indian CS roster.

  • This news follows the previous one which claimed Bhavi has left the team and is on a short break from competing.


After spending a brief time in professional Counter Strike, 7Sea Esports has bid farewell to their entire CS roster. The organization announced their lineup back in April, and they were one of the eight franchised teams in Skyesports Masters tournament.


The organization’s main focus was to provide a developing ground for Indian CS players, who aspire to advance in their career on this game. They announced an all-Indian roster comprising of some of the best talents in the region. The roster held immense potential and were championship contenders in the country.


7Sea Esports Part Ways With Indian Counter Strike Roster



The organization brought together some of the best minds in the game to ensure the team’s place in the top 3 positions in the leaderboards. Previously, Bhavesh “Bhavi” Sejwani, the team’s IGL announced that he would be taking a short break from the game although he assured the fans of his return in CS2. Following the news, the latest reports from Dust2.It claimed that the organization had completely parted ways with the team. The roster was coached by CodeKill, the man leading the team behind the screens. Although 7Sea’s future in Counter Strike remains unsure for the moment, fans are rooting for the roster to stick together.



Indian Counter Strike is in a revival era as tournament organizers are continuously putting their efforts into hosting tournaments and help liven the community. The game has seen its fair share of ups and downs in recent months. On a positive note, professionals have stated their views about Indian CS and how Skyesports is dedicated to developing the game in the country. On a darker side, the matches in Masters did not receive decent viewership. However, fans are looking forward to more LAN tournaments in the future , to help grow the country’s CS roots. 

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