Valorant Champions Tour 2023: Ascension Pacific


VCT Ascension Pacific Group Stage Results: NAOS And Bleed Dominate While Orangutan And XERXIA Crash Out

Mrinal Baranwal   |  July 5th, 2023, 6:5  |  5 min read

With day 7 done and dusted, VCT 2023 Ascension Pacific's group stage is now complete. Four teams were sent home after the conclusion of the group stage. The final day of the group stage featured a total of two matches: 

  • Dplus Esports vs SCARZ 
  • Bonkers vs BLEED Esports.

Here is a summary of the VCT 2023 Ascension Pacific's last day and how the groups panned out.

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VCT Ascension Pacific Day 7 Match Summary

The day's opening match pitted Bonkers and BLEED Esports against one another. The playoff stage has already been confirmed for Bleed Esports. However, in order to guarantee a spot in the playoffs, Bonkers had to defeat BLEED.


Jumping right into a fierce battle on Lotus, Bonkers' favorite map, they were unable to fully capitalize on their promising first-half performance. Bonkers put forth a heroic attempt to stage an incredible comeback after dropping the first few rounds in the second half. The final score was 13-11 thanks to BLEED's effective defense against Bonkers' quick attack and their more bountiful experience.


On Pearl's second map, BLEED got off to an amazing start. They won five consecutive rounds as the attackers. However, Bonkers still managed to end the first half with a respectable 5-7 score. BLEED secured the map despite giving up three more rounds, but gave Bonkers no chance at all to make a comeback in the second half. Bonkers were defeated 2-0 by BLEED Esports. After this defeat, the Bonkers playoff spot depended on the day's second match between SCARZ and Dplus Esports.

A highly anticipated matchup between Dplus Esports from Korea and SCARZ from Japan took place in the second game of the day. It was a fiercely contested match since both sides displayed great skill in the server. However, SCARZ came out on top, showcasing their power with a confident victory over Dplus Esports that seemed to come naturally.

The match was initiated by Dplus' selection of the map Haven. Unfortunately, Dplus got off to a bad start and struggled to gain momentum, falling behind until the end of the eleventh round. SCARZ won by a humiliating score of 10-2 to end the first half. Scarz built on their excellent start, kept up their momentum, and ultimately won the map decisively at 13-6.

As Dplus struggled to get traction on the second map of Split, the pattern from the first map appeared to repeat itself. From the eighth round onward, they launched a fierce counterattack, bringing the first-half score for SCARZ down to 4-8.

SCARZ ended any thoughts of a comeback in the second half by winning the pistol rounds and reaching double-digits quickly. Dplus was unable to turn the tide in their favor as SCARZ won the map with a score of 13-7.


SCARZ and Bonkers successfully defended their places in Group Omega's playoffs after their victories. Dplus Esports was eliminated despite having the same number of points as the other two teams because of a greater number of map losses. SCARZ and Bonkers moved on to the next round of the competition, while Dplus Esports' participation in the competition was over. Orangutan Esports was eliminated the previous day, ending the hopes for the Indian organization.






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