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Skyesports Souvenir All Six Countries Announced: Teams And Schedule

Mrinal Baranwal   |  September 25th, 2023, 7:19  |  2 min read


Skyesports Souvenir will be held from September 25, 2023, to September 30, 2023, in a quest to find the champions of each participating nation. Six nations will battle it out in the renowned esports IP this year as the CS: GO competition goes worldwide. The Indian qualifiers have ended and Gods Reign has emerged victorious, earning the right to represent India at the tournament. 


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Skyesports Souvenir: Teams And Schedule



Six nations will be participating in the tournament, India being one of them. The other five nations include the likes of Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Sri Lanka. The top teams from each of the six countries will compete to win the title and a sizable portion of the 5,000 USD prize pool. 


The competition will be conducted in a round-robin format, meaning that each team will play each other once over the course of five days with each game being a best-of-three. The tournament's organizers have continued with online matches despite initial plans outlining a LAN event in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The CS: GO teams that will be representing each nation from their qualifiers are:

  • Team India: Gods Reign
  • Team Pakistan: Wah Wah
  • Team Bangladesh: Red Viperz
  • Team United Arab Emirates: Team Shush
  • Team Nepal: No Talk Only Kill
  • Team Sri Lanka: ZeGg Esports



Round 1 Matches: 25 September

  • RVz vs. No Talk Only Kill
  • Gods Reign vs. ZeGg Esports
  • Team Shush vs. WahWah

Round 2 Matches: 26 September

  • Shush vs. Red Viperz
  • Gods Reign vs. No Talk Only Kill 
  • ZeGg Esports vs. WahWah

Round 3 Matches: 27 September

  • No Talk Only Kill vs. Team Shush
  • Gods Reign vs. WahWah
  • ZeGg Esports vs. Red Viperz

Round 4 Matches: 28 September

  • Gods Reign vs. Team Shush
  • WahWah vs. Red Viperz
  • No Talk Only Kill vs. ZeGg Esports

Round 5 Matches: 29 September

  • Team Shush vs. ZeGg Esports 
  • WahWah vs. No Talk Only Kill
  • Gods Reign vs. Red Viperz

The matches will be streamed live on the official Skyesports YouTube channel and Twitch Channel.




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