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Skyesports Masters CS:GO Complete League Stage Schedule And Where To Watch

Mrinal Baranwal   |  July 5th, 2023, 9:47  |  6 min read

Eight of the top CS:GO teams from India will compete in the Skyesports Masters League from 8th July to 27th August 2023. All of the action will culminate in a LAN event in Mumbai with a live audience.

Over the past few years, the Indian Esports scene has consistently expanded. One of Asia's biggest event organizers, Skyesports, believes the nation is ready for a franchised CS:GO Esports League. The prize pool for the competition is ₹2,00,00,000.

Skyesports Masters CS:GO League Stage Schedule and Where To Watch



The league starts on 8th July with the 8 best teams in the country competing for the top spot. Here is the fixture schedule (all matches start at 1:30 PM IST and 5:30 PM IST):

  • 8th July: Revenant Esports vs. God's Reign & 7SEA Esports vs. Enigma Gaming
  • 9th July: Medal Esports vs. Reckoning Esports & Velocity Gaming vs. Marcos Gaming
  • 11th July: Medal Esports vs. Enigma Gaming
  • 12th July: Velocity Gaming vs. Reckoning Esports
  • 13th July Reckoning Esports vs. Marcos Gaming
  • 14th July: 7SEA Esports vs. Medal Esports
  • 15th July: Reckoning Esports vs. Enigma Gaming & Marcos Gaming vs. 7SEA Esports
  • 16th July: Velocity Gaming vs. Enigma Gaming & Enigma Gaming vs. Medal Esports
  • 18th July: Marcos Gaming vs. Medal Esports
  • 19th July: Velocity Gaming vs. 7SEA Esports & God's Reign Medal Esports
  • 20th July: Revenant Esports vs. 7SEA Esports & Marcos Gaming vs. God's Reign
  • 21st July: Medal Esports vs. Revenant Esports
  • 22nd July: Velocity Gaming vs. God's Reign & Reckoning Esports vs. Revenant Esports
  • 23rd July: Enigma Gaming vs. Revenant Esports & God's Reign vs. Reckoning Esports
  • 25th July: Velocity Gaming vs. Revenant Esports & Enigma Gaming vs. Marcos Gaming
  • 26th July: Velocity Gaming vs. Medal Esports
  • 27th July: Revenant Esports vs. Marcos Gaming & 7SEA Esports vs. Reckoning Esports
  • 28th July: Enigma Gaming vs. God's Reign
  • 29th July: Medal Esports vs. Velocity Gaming & Reckoning Esport vs. 7SEA Esports
  • 30th July: God's Reign vs. Enigma Gaming & Marcos Gaming vs. Enigma Gaming

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  • 1st August: Reckoning Esports vs. God's Reign & Marcos Gaming vs. Enigma Gaming
  • 2nd August: Medal Esports vs. 7SEA Esports
  • 3rd August: Revenant Esports vs. Velocity Gaming & Marcos Gaming vs. Reckoning Esports
  • 4th August: Revenant Esports vs. Enigma Gaming
  • 5th August: Medal Esports God's Reign & 7SEA Esports vs. Velocity Gaming
  • 6th August: Medal Esports vs. God's Reign & Revenant Esports vs. Reckoning Esports
  • 8th August: 7SEA Esports God's Reign & Enigma Gaming vs. Velocity Gaming
  • 9th August: Revenant Esports Medal Esports
  • 10th August: 7SEA Esports vs. Marcos Gaming & Enigma Gaming vs. Reckoning Esports
  • 11th August: God's Reign vs. Velocity Gaming
  • 12th August: 7SEA Esports vs. Revenant Esports & Marcos Gaming vs. Velocity Gaming
  • 13th August: God's Reign vs. Marcos Gaming & Reckoning Esports vs. Velocity Gaming
  • 16th August: Enigma Gaming vs. 7SEA Esports & God's Reign vs. Revenant Esports
  • 17th August: Reckoning Esports vs. Medal Esports & God's Reign vs. 7SEA Esports

The matches will be streamed live on the official Skyesports YouTube channel, Facebook page, and Twitch channel.




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