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BGIS 2023 Format Explained

Aaryanshi Mohan   |  July 25th, 2023, 7:45  |  5 min read

Registrations for BGIS 2023 have already begun and teams that wish to become a part of one of the biggest tournaments in the country can visit BGMI Esports' website to sign their squad for the same. 


The months-long tournament has a detailed format for qualifying to the finals that was recently revealed by Krafton. Here is what the format will look like.

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Full BGIS 2023 Format Explained

Once a squad decides they want to register for BGIS 2023, they have to meet the minimum eligibility criteria. All the squad members should be at least Platinum V with their account levels at a minimum of 25. Only after this criteria is met can they proceed. Failing to do so will result in direct disqualification.



After registering their teams, players will participate in the in-game qualifiers from August 10 to August 16 with the registered playing four. In this, players must play 15 matches and follow all the rules set by Krafton. The best 10 matches played by a squad will be considered for qualification.


The next stage is the online qualifier that will take place from August 31 to September 17. This stage will be divided into three rounds.


In the first round, the top 2048 teams that made it from the in-game qualifiers will be divided into 128 groups of 16 teams and will fight for a place in the top 3 who move ahead to round 2. An additional 96 best teams (criteria yet to be decided) will also move to round 2. These teams will be joined by the 32 teams from the bottom 32 of The Grind with 224 moving ahead.


In round 3, the 224 qualified teams will be joined by the top 32 teams from The Grind. These teams will be divided into groups of 16 and the top 4 will move to qualification while the rest move to the lower bracket.

Qualification And Lower Bracket Stage Explained



The qualification and lower bracket stage is where things become a little tricky. The teams placed 1 to 64 will move to the upper bracket and compete with the top 16 teams moving ahead. The ones placed from 65 to 80 will be in the lower bracket and will meet the remaining 48 teams that didn't go ahead from Round 4.



These 64 teams will play in the lower bracket and the top 16 will meet the already-qualified top 16 in the semi-finals. These 32 teams will go against each other and the top 16 teams will move to the final stage of the BGIS 2023 Finals LAN event. For now, The Grind is currently underway with week 2 starting in a few days. 




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